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10 Tips on How to Sell your High-end Jewelry

by | Nov 24, 2021


People sell their jewelry for many reasons. Some are low on cash and need a quick way to earn money, while others want to get rid of memories. Whatever the reason may be, many people are interested in buying your fine jewelry.

But how can you get a good deal for your item? Here are ten tips on how to sell your high-end jewelry today.


1. Do Some Research at Home

Before selling your jewelry, you will want to do some research into the background of your product. Information to consider includes your jewelry’s age, material, and brand.


2. Consider Appraisal From a Professional

If you are unsure of your jewelry’s value, you can get it professionally appraised. Knowing the worth of your product can help you decide how much you want to sell it. Some jewelry stores offer free appraisals, while others might ask for a fee somewhere between $50 and above.

If you are looking for a reputable appraiser in Orange County, you can visit Mimi’s Jewelry. Their staff includes a certified Gemologist and a Master Jeweler.


3. Reconsider Selling at a Pawnshop

Pawnshops payouts are lower in contrast with others. They can give prices that are unfair when compared to your item’s resell value. If a fair exchange is something you are after, then skip the pawnshops.


4. Sell Your Jewelry Locally

You can find interested buyers within your community. Ask friends or families if they know someone who wants a new piece of jewelry. You can also visit local jewelry stores whose services include buying preloved jewelry.

You can sell jewelry in Orange County at Mimi’s Jewelry. They pay a fair price for high-end jewelry, and you are sure to get your money’s worth.


5. Alternatively, Sell Your Jewelry Online

Buy-and-sell websites are another place where you can auction off your jewelry. You can sell your product nationally and internationally. With a trustworthy courier service, you can send your jewelry away in a neat package.


6. Have Your Jewelry Cleaned Before Shipping

Although not necessary, cleaning your jewelry adds to its aesthetic appeal. It also makes vintage items look brand new. Attractive jewelry can bring more interested buyers.


7. Repair Broken Jewelry for a Better Price

Most buyers want to own jewelry that does not need repair. If you want a better chance at finding a client, repairing broken jewelry is highly recommended. It is more presentable and more valuable.


8. Be Careful with Malicious Buyers

You might come across clients whose intent is to scam or steal your item. You can mitigate this by doing a thorough background check. You can also arrange a meeting somewhere safe when selling in person or ask for payment first when selling online.


9. Prepare Yourself for Bargaining

When selling your jewelry, you want to prepare your bargaining skills. People are interested in getting the lowest price. Be ready for some compromises.


10. Walk Away When Prices Become Too Low

Some buyers might ask for unreasonable discounts. If you are dealing with a buyer who is bartering below your asking price, walk away. You are losing more money if you choose a low bidder. Instead, be patient and wait for a worthy client.


Sell Your Preloved Jewelry Today

There is no better time than now to sell your jewelry. The value of precious stones and metals is high in this day and age. And if you are low on money, it is the perfect time to auction off your accessories.

It is challenging to find an interested buyer, but it is not impossible. Someone will be willing to take your jewelry for a hefty fee. And with a little bit of bargaining, you can go home with some cash in your wallet.





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