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How to sell your gold and precious pieces of jewelry?

by | Sep 25, 2020

Gold or any other precious stone is valuable when you have it in your hands as jewelry. But it can be more valuable to you if you convert it to money by selling it at the right price. There are many gold buyers and dealers in the jewelry industry. However, you need to know the best place to sell gold jewelry if you are looking to get the best prices.


Here are tips to help you sell gold jewelry:


1. You Need to Know The Value of The Gold Jewelry

Before you think of where to sell your jewelry, you should have an idea of what is the actual value of gold. The weight of the jewelry and level of gold purity will determine the value of your gold. Check on the stamp marks on your jewelry to determine its purity level. 

Get to know your gold’s weight in ounces and grams, then you can check on reputable gold selling sites for the prices. Thorough research on these sites is essential to ensure that you get the best prices in the market. Ignoring this may land you to brokers who may offer you a lower value for your gold.


2. Get An Assessment For Your Jewelry

Gold Jewelry Appraisal

Some jewelry buyers opt to pay by weight. Before you sell gold to such a buyer, get a proper appraisal for your jewelry. Through an assessment, you can determine your jewelry quality, as well as give value to it. 

You should get an accredited jewelry assessor who will help resolve all these.

Some jewelry cost more as an end -product than its original metal. A good jewelry evaluator follows existing market trends, giving you an understanding of your gold jewelry’s possible resale price.


3. Set A Realistic Price

After appraising your jewelry, move on to assign realistic prices. Pricing is a determinant of who buys your jewelry. While looking to have the best value from your jewelry sale, you should avoid overpricing as it deters buyers. Ensure to visit various jewelry stores and benchmark, considering the market prices as well.


4. Clean Pieces of Jewelry Can Attract More Value

Gold Jewelry Deep Cleaning

One practical approach to selling jewelry is ensuring that your piece of the jewel has its lustrous shining nature. You can bring back the glossy shine on your old piece by cleaning your gold jewelry.

Dip your gold jewelry in a lukewarm water dish with mild soap, clean it gently using a toothbrush with soft bristles. You can consider taking it to a jeweler for a thorough cleaning and polishing the jewelry’s deep cleaning.


5. Find A Reliable Buyer For Your Jewelry

Where to sell jewelry could be posing a challenge to you as a seller. However, getting a reliable jewelry buyer is an essential factor to consider. Many rogue individuals in the market today, who, if not correctly scrutinized, can lure you into shady deals, and you end up losing.

You can get different quotes from various buyers, ensure to compare them before settling for one. You can get trustworthy jewelry buyers online. 

However, before deciding for any, consider multiple factors, some which are stated below:

  • Check whether they are licensed to buy jewelry in your city or country.
  • Look out for their accreditation by the jewelry governing body.
  • Check out for any customer complaints. Visit their website to check on customer reviews.


6. Look at The Selling Options at Your Disposal

Gold Jewelry Buyer

Different options are available on where you sell jewelry. However, not all will offer you the best deal. Some of the common gold-selling options that people have are:

  • Pawn Shops – They should not be in your top list of where to sell jewelry. They buy jewelry at low prices to sell them at a higher value.
  • Jewelry stores may seem to be the best place to sell gold jewelry but it’s not. Jewelry stores aren’t licensed to buy jewelry from individuals.
  • Gold buyers – They are the best option for where to sell gold because they are licensed. They also have well-calibrated scales to weigh your gold.

7. Consider Selling it Online

If you are wondering where to sell gold jewelry, consider going online for the best offers. However, online gold selling should be done with precautions less you fall in a scammer’s hands. You can take advantage of auctioning sites and auction your gold for the highest bidder.

Third-party services such as I Do Now I Don’t may help you avoid scammers when selling your gold online. You may have all the selling jewelry tips but fall for online scammers. Such third parties ensure that the seller receives his due, and the buyers receive the items they are buying online.


8. Ensure Proper Documentation Of Your Jewelry

Gold Jewelry Documentation

When jewelry is changing hands, say for shipment or giving to a potential buyer, there is a need to protect yourself. Ensure to take photos of the jewelry and any other necessary documentation. 

Documentation shows evidence, thus shielding you from any losses arising.

Losses can occur during the exchange. You can lower the risks of losing your jewelry and money by doing proper documentation.


Click here to watch a video on selling jewelry tips from the best jewelers in the market. In this video, you will learn:

  • How to check the purity of gold by looking at the number of karats.
  • The types of gold jewelry that are marketable.
  • How you can benchmark gold jewelry prices.
  • Know what to do with any scrap and antique jewelry in your home.
  • How to sell jewelry
  • Some ideas on where to sell gold.



Understanding the value of your gold jewelry is vital when thinking about how to sell jewelry. It gives you the bargaining power to ask for more money from any potential buyer.

An assessment report on your gold jewelry will help you appreciate the quality of your jewelry.

Setting a realistic price on your gold jewelry is essential. This determines the amount that you will take home after the sale. It should be reasonable. 

A clean piece of jewelry is attractive to both potential and actual buyers. Keeping your jewelry clean improves your chances of making a good sale from it. Once you have the set price, get a reliable buyer. A reliable buyer is one who will give you the best price for your piece of jewelry.

What are your available selling options? Don’t make a desperate move when selling your jewelry less you get a lower offer. Choose the best selling option at your disposal. E-commerce platforms can be an effective way of selling your piece of jewelry. However, you need to exercise caution less you get conned.

Proper documentation is sufficient proof of the exchange of jewelry with your buyer. You need to ensure it is in order. Do not accept to sell gold at a loss. Consider the tips in the above discussion for the best ideas on where to sell gold jewelry at your disposal. 

You don’t have to use every tip on this article. Choose the ones you find the ideal for you and make money from your old gold jewelry pieces. It is now seamless to sell gold jewelry.






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