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Selling Your Rolex Without Its Certificate

by | Nov 19, 2020


Since they first appeared many considered Rolex watches a pioneer in the world of timepieces. When founder Hans Wilsdorf first dreamed of providing his customers with reliable and elegant wristwatches, little did he know that their popularity would grow to make them one of the most desired companions of achievers and adventures worldwide.

This worldwide recognition has created a unique demand for this jewel of the timepiece market. All the products provided come in precious boxes to guarantee and certified their authenticity. This paperwork helps Rolex maintain their worldwide reputation for quality.

Having said this Rolex keeps their value and most times even increase in value over time, as a result, many people look to sell them and cash in on this valuable asset. Many owners through no fault of their own lack the original authentic certificates that can help them legitimize and speed up the sales process. Rolex’s that come with the certificate and even the box are worth far more because they are far more attractive to collectors.


How to sell Rolex with no papers?

If you don’t have the paperwork, there’s no need to panic, just yet as a Rolex watch is easily identifiable and there are many experts who will certify to their authenticity which will allow you to still sell it. Rolex’s are pieces of art the additional items that may come with them will add an extra air of authenticity and value to their story, making them easier to sell as their wider market of buyers available however they’re not a prerequisite for selling your Rolex.


Steps to take when selling a Rolex without papers

#1 Find an interested buyer

Luxury Rolex Watch

When selling a Rolex without papers the first thing you need to find is a reliable buyer to make the process as smooth as possible. Today there is a booming second hand market for watches. Despite this, finding trustworthy buyers and dealers is not as straightforward as you might think and can often be a key decision when trying to realize the market value of your watch.

You’re usually left with one of two options: you can either find a private buyer online or take your watch to a specific luxury watch dealer to carry a face-to-face transaction. Selling luxury watches online is much easier today than ever was in the past and there are many trusted dealers who are actively seeking high-quality elite brands such as Rolex.

The mind is such that whether you have the original certificate or any document that verifies the authenticity of your watch securing a good price for these luxury timepieces is still possible.

#2 Always be honest about your Rolex

Regardless of whether you sell your Rolex without papers in person or online, be completely upfront and honest about all details of your watch. This will make the process move as smoothly as possible and help any buyer or dealer offer you the most competitive price they can.

When you’re looking to build a trusted relationship with a watch buyer, especially when you’re dealing with luxury brands such as Rolex, if no authentic papers exist, trust is the cornerstone of any sale. If a buyer doesn’t trust you, there’s little or no chance they will purchase your watch.

#3 Get some high-quality photographs taken

Watch Photograph

Once again whether you sell your Rolex online or face-to-face one of the first things you should do to save yourself some time is to get high-quality photographs taken. These would allow buyers and dealers to examine the most significant parts of the watch and provide you with accurate quotes regarding its value.

To gain the trust of a dealer or buyer, take as many high-resolution images from a variety of different angles to provide them the best sign to your watch’s overall condition. Watch dealers know exactly what to look for and the better quality pictures you provide, the more likely they are to trust you and offer you a higher price.

#4 The word of a trusted dealer can offer legitimacy to your Rolex

Having the original paperwork for your Rolex is the easiest way to verify its authenticity, making the sales process straightforward. However, without this documentation setting is more challenging and finding an ultimately reliable buyer is more difficult.

Experts will recommend that you get in contact with a trusted professional dealer and they can provide a guarantee of authenticity for your timepiece. Many leaders fully appreciate the difficulty of retaining original certification and paperwork for luxury watches. If you can provide them with a timepiece in a presentable condition, many are more than happy to certify with absolute confidence its authenticity.

#5 Avoid a desperation sale

Sell Rolex Watch

The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to sell a Rolex without paperwork is to take your product to an organization such as a pawnbroker, many of whom will only offer you the lowest cent on the dollar. This happens as they will instantly realize you’re desperate for a sale. Never lose sight of the fact that your Rolex watch is still a luxury item and with a little of patience offer you a significant cash return on sale.

In an Ideal world if you’re selling a Rolex providing buyers with the original certification will get you the best price possible in the second-hand resale market. But remember Rolex watches remain a very desirable asset; they are a globally successful brand and will always remain a symbol of precision and luxury. 


In conclusion

The best advice I can give you is as follows, unless you absolutely need the cash in a hurry, Your primary goal is to realise as close to the initial estimate as possible. If that price isn’t forthcoming hold on to your luxury timepiece a little longer. Following the steps given will help you in your goal to successfully sell a Rolex on papers. Providing potential dealers and buyers with some level of certification as into the authenticity of the timepiece will help you determine the most accurate price.

Being open and honest with any dealers or potential buyers and providing them with high quality high resolution photographs and a potential certification from a recognized dealer will play a vital role in successful sale of any Rolex without paperwork. We recommend that you first take your timepiece to an accredited Rolex dealer and see what they will offer you. This will give you a barometer from which to work from. Following the other steps we’ve given may even help you realize a higher value for the watch.






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