How Much Is A Rolex Watch Worth?

by | Dec 17, 2020


To understand the value of Rolex watches you have to go back a few years because the price charged for these watches today does not reflect their humble beginnings. Rolex watches started life just like any other watch. 

There were two designed to make a difference and to be helpful in whatever environment they were being used. When they were first manufactured, they were more affordable and accessible than they are today. There are a variety of different reasons Rolex watches have skyrocketed in value over the last 50 years we will explore these later in the article.

This explosion in value doesn’t even reflect standard inflation. Outperforming inflation for years, the price of Rolex watches continues to rise. Rolex can explain some of this price increase by producing more exclusive and luxurious watches, but even their standard range of watches continues to increase in value. 

What this hasn’t stopped to demand has increased. The more expensive these watches become, the more people want them. By keeping the brand exclusive and Rolex has done an amazing marketing job. The more people seek these watches, the harder they appear to be to get, and the higher the prices have soared.


Most expensive Rolex watches ever? 

aul Newman's Rolex Daytona

The most expensive Rolex sold at auction

The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona is instantly recognizable because of its contrast between its modern typeface, including the use of block indices, the contrast in the second’s track, and the squarish feel of the numbers 1 to 12. 

Nicknamed Paul Newman because of Newman’s reference to this watch that his wife gave to him as a gift. When it came up for auction in 2017 Rolex collectors lost all reason. It eventually sold for 17.75 million dollars. This is insane for a watch that Rolex struggled to sell when they first introduced it back in the 1960s. 


What is the most expensive retail Rolex watch?

The most expensive standard retail Rolex watch on the market is the GMT master ice 2. This watch was made famous by Cristiano Ronaldo when he wore it in Dubai at an international sports conference. 

Retailing for $485,000 its price can vary depending on market different market factors. If the price of diamonds goes up at the time of your purchase, then expect to pay more. They cover this watch in diamonds that have been mounted on white gold. 

The dial itself is an intricate pattern of gold and diamonds. It will offer you all the same performance levels and features of your standard GMT Masters 2, including being waterproof and featuring a 50-hour power reserve. 


How much can you pay for an entry-level Rolex watch?

It’s insane to consider a $20,000 watch to be entry-level. But this is the case with the Rolex Oyster perpetual when compared to the models listed above. There are a variety of different versions available in the market from 36 to 41 that feature different styles and colors. 

We know the oyster for its elegance, and its use of vivid coloring. Mounted on a domed bezel, the casing from oyster steel. 


Why does a Rolex cost so much?

Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona

Its history

There’s no denying that without its rich history Rolex would probably remain a sought-after luxury watch brand, but it wouldn’t be known as the go-to watch for the rich and famous. Down the years, Rolex watches were made famous by James Bond, as being the wristwatch of choice for 007. 

Both Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton wore different Rolex on screen. It was also the watch of choice for JFK.


Famously impermeable to Water

Although people usually wear Rolex watches as fashion pieces these days, the designers and manufacturers have never lost sight of their humble beginnings. Rolex watches remain virtually impermeable to water. 

Some can even remain water-resistant up to a depth of 300m. To ensure this water permeability, every Rolex dive watch is extensively tested both indoors and out in actual water conditions and pressurized tanks. 

If you’re looking for a functional and fashionable deep sea watch, you will not look any further than the Rolex.


Impressive Mechanization

There’s a reason that Rolex remains one of the most popular brands on the market. To keep their products at the highest standard and always in high demand, Rolex invests extensively in robotics and other machinery. 

For example, they do much of the supply chain in its master supply room with the help of robots. These do most of the repetitive work such as basic assembly, retrieving specific parts, and packaging. 

Robots also play a large hunted part in the polishing of watches before humans always do the ultimate quality control.


The Cost of Gold

Gold Rolex Watch

Despite the fact that Rolex is the only watch manufacturer in the world that produced its own gold. The price of gold still dictates the value of Rolex watches. They usually only use every rose White and 18-carat yellow gold in their products. 

This ensures that some gold models remain on the list of most expensive watches in the world.


904L Stainless Steel

I’m pretty sure that most people reading this list never heard of 904l stainless steel. This is high-grade stainless steel that is much shinier and stronger and also far more expensive than standard 316l steel. 

They use 904L stainless steel in all of Rolex’s luxury watch range. Offering unrivaled durability and functionality, since 2003 Rolex only used this steel in all their watches.


Rolex watch movements are still assembled by hand

As we mentioned previously Rolex has invested heavily in mechanization and robotics however, some tasks performed today remain as they were for the last 50 years. Robots play a part in cataloging, sorting, and filing. 

But the watch movements and bracelets are hand-assembled. And every timepiece is fully certified and double-checked by teams of humans before they ever go to market.

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