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How Much Is Your Jewelry If You Will Sell It Now?

by | Oct 4, 2021

So, you are looking for the best jewelry buyers in Irvine CA. You want to know how much your jewelry will cost. It is not easy to determine the value of your jewelry. The design, the material, the brand, and the condition of jewelry are the determining factors. When a simple ring can be worth thousands, a necklace might be less. Therefore, a proper evaluation is a must to avoid any confusion.

Also, the market price is not the same all the time. It might be less this week and more next week. You will have to consider this factor as well. In the following, we will cover some factors that you can consider to know the approximate price of your jewelry.


Check the Hallmark

Jewelry Identification

You will have to check the hallmark to identify the jeweler. You might find one hallmark that says the metal content. There might be one more that will state the designer’s country and origin. Where is the hallmark on the jewelry? You will find it inside the band of rings. If you have earnings, you can check the post. You will find the hallmark on the clasp of bracelets and necklaces. In some instances, there will be a small tag. You can find it next to the bracelet clasp.

The metal hallmark will include 14k, 18k, 585, or 750 for the gold. However, the platinum hallmarks will appear like PLAT, PLATINUM, and 950. In the silver material, the hallmark will be sterling, 800, Silver, and 925.

When it comes to the designer hallmark, you can know the designer from the hallmark. However, you should not be excited by the name. You will have to inquire about the authenticity. After verifying the hallmark, you can be sure about the authenticity. If the designer is a leading name in the industry, you can expect more money. Also, if you have bought from a reliable jewelry store, you can ensure the quality of the end product.

Here’s an article that can give you some tips on how to know if you’re dealing with a reliable jewelry store.


Know the Market Value

As stated earlier, the price of jewelry will not remain the same. It will keep changing. Therefore, you will have to know the current market value of your jewelry. You might need to sell your jewelry at fewer prices if the market condition is not favorable. However, if the market condition is better, you can expect more from your jewelry. Therefore, you will have to check the market price before making a decision.


Visit a Jeweler

Old Jewelry Appraisal

No one can give you a better suggestion than a jeweler. However, you will have to visit a reliable, experienced, and reputed jeweler. You can ask the jeweler about the market price of your jewelry. You do not need to sell your jewelry to that store. But you can ask the price to know how much you can get from your old jewelry. You do not need to limit yourself to one jeweler. You can visit a few stores to avoid any confusion.


Understand Raw Materials

It is worth mentioning that the raw material will always impact the price. If you sell your jewelry, the buyer will first check the raw material. Also, he will observe the stones and metals to assess their value. Both these factors will have a determining role. If you have precious stones on your jewelry, you can get a better price. However, when the raw material quality is poor, you cannot expect more.


Look into the Condition

Old and Tarnished Jewelry

If the condition of the jewelry is good, it can be reused. You can get a better price. However, if the jewelry is poorly maintained or broken, you will have to sell at a lower price. The reason is that the buyer will not be able to sell the jewelry. It can be used only as raw material. If the condition is repairable, the buyer can consider repairing it. However, the price will be less.


Wrapping It Up

You will find many jewelry buyers in Irvine CA. However, all of them are not trustworthy or reliable. You will have to consider a reputed name. Also, you do not need to decide in a hurry. If you have precious jewelry, you can research the market price. Apart from that, you can check with a few jewelers. Consider the one who offers the best price. However, you will have to wait for a favorable market condition to make the most money from your jewelry.





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