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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring?

by | Feb 22, 2021

A wedding ring isn’t just a mere ornament for the bride’s and groom’s fingers. It doesn’t only act as a symbol of marriage too. The truth is a wedding ring embodies a prosperous and happy married life. And that’s why it should be comfortable, attractive but not necessarily lux, and practical at the same time.

There are lots to choose from in terms of wedding rings in orange county. But how would buyers get the best wedding rings at the most reasonable price?

To Get a Second-Hand Wedding Ring or Brand New Wedding?

Smart buyers have two options when planning to get a wedding ring; to buy one that’s been used or buy one that’s brand new.

Used wedding rings aren’t that bad. Lots are sold online and different price ranges. Most are in perfect condition. Lots of advantages associate with the buying of used wedding rings such as:

  • cheaper than brand new wedding rings that looks the same
  • cuts cost for the wedding
  • already withstood the test of time and has proven durability
  • have a negotiable price tag
  • some used wedding rings have designs that a buyer can’t find in the present market

Many suspects that used wedding rings bring ill-luck to the wearers. But this is just a misconception. Used wedding rings bring the fortune that brand new wedding rings do. Some even get used to wedding rings that have been used as a family heirloom for blessing the eldest daughter or son of the family.

But for those who are concerned about bad omen, brand new wedding rings are always the option. They’re good even though a bit more pricey. Their quality might also lag compared to antique wedding rings. That’s why buyers should always take a keen look before saying yes to the deal. Factors are material, the stones and their cut, and placement of the stones.

What’s The Material For Making The Ring?

Whether or not a wedding ring lasts for long depends on the material that the craftsmen used for making it. The most popular materials for making wedding rings are cobalt, titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, gold, palladium, and platinum. Each has its perks over the other.


Platinum is the most expensive material for wedding rings. Wedding rings made from it don’t need frequent polishing. Furthermore, it holds stones securely in place. In connection, palladium is a cheaper alternative to platinum.

Gold contests with platinum

Many prefer using white gold over normal gold. Gold is highly malleable and easy to shape. Wedding rings made out of gold have a brilliant shine. However, they easily get scratched as soon as the coating wears off.

Stainless steel 

Stainless steel isn’t as attractive as palladium or gold. But wedding rings made out of stainless are highly durable. They don’t stain, don’t rust, and scratch-free.


Tungsten is as good as stainless steel in that it’s also scratch-free and rust-proof. Tungsten wedding rings are very hard. However, most are only available in plain circular shapes. Tungsten isn’t very malleable that’s why craftsmen find difficulties in crafting it into unique designs.


Titanium is a very cheap material for making wedding rings. That’s why titanium wedding rings are always affordable. However, a downside is that most don’t look too good. Tungsten wedding rings aren’t resellable, and that’s why you might not want to buy them if you’re expecting a return on investment.


Cobalt is popular, it doesn’t bend, crack, or melt easily. In terms of durability, cobalt wedding rings beat platinum, gold, or palladium wedding rings. However, cobalt wedding rings aren’t really what most brides or grooms want to have on their wedding day.

Decide Whether Or Not You Want Gemstones

Another thing to ponder on is the presence of stone in a wedding ring. Aside from the material used for the wedding ring, the presence of stone also determines the price. Commonly, wedding rings with numerous or large stones are more expensive. Nevertheless, they look attractive and romantic.

The best gemstones for engagement rings and wedding rings are:

  • Aquamarine
  • Emerald
  • Opal
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire


Aquamarine features a greenish and bluish hue that embodies the sea. This gemstone symbolizes all the things that are important in marriage such as constant communication, understanding, longevity, and peacefulness.


Emerald Gemstone

Emerald has a greenish hue that turns bluish or yellowish depending on the angle of its placement on the ring. It symbolizes a joyful marriage.


Opal can have a dark or light color that’s either opaque or transparent. Couples opt to get a ring with this gemstone as it symbolizes faithfulness and trust, which are core recipes for lasting married life.


Pearl Gemstone

Pearl has a white and powdery-looking surface. It’s beautiful due to its rainbow-like luster. This gemstone symbolizes the ideal wife; pure, chaste, loving, humble, and modest.


Ruby comes in different colors; bright red, oxblood, and dark rosette which buyers prefer. As for weddings, ruby symbolizes everlasting love.


Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire usually has a bluish hue. However, there are rare pieces that nature imbued with dark, pink, achromatic, and gray colors. For weddings, sapphire symbolizes honesty and rationality.

Decide On Cuts When Buying A Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond is also a gemstone. However, it’s more special than those above as the pricing for wedding rings that have it depends on the cut. That’s why buyers should always be particular about the shape of the diamond on the ring aside from the size.

Diamond features differing luster depending on its shape. Common cuts for diamond are round, brilliant round, emerald, cushion, princess, oval, marquise, pear, heart, radiant, and Asscher. Out of these, the most expensive cut is a brilliant round. In contrast, very affordable ones are the emerald and Asscher.

How Is The Placement of The Gemstone In a Wedding Ring?

Finally, buyers should inspect the method on how the gemstone or gemstones are placed on the ring. Craftsmen used two popular methods at present; flush placement and pave placement.

In flush placement, the surface of the ring is filled with a tiny hole, or if lots of stone will be placed – holes. The gemstone fits inside the hole, and the craftsmen secure it with a strong adhesive or hardy brace. The flush placement provides the wedding ring with a very clean and chic look.

On the other hand, pave placement uses tiny metal beads that stick on the surface of the wedding ring. It’s handy for wedding rings with numerous stones placed. Pave placement provides the wedding ring with a very classy appearance.

Finishing Takeaways

Aside from the abovementioned technicalities when it comes to choosing, the buyer should also think about the following personal factor for the best wedding rings orange county purchase.

* Maximum budget for buying a wedding ring

* Finger size

* The sexual orientation of the wearer

* Religious affiliation of the wearer

* Personal preferences of the wearer

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