Selling Jewelry on eBay

by | Sep 14, 2020


Jewelry is probably the easiest thing to sell on eBay. It makes people feel attractive, and it can serve as a person’s statement piece. Some costume jewelry and toy collectibles are also hot sellers.

eBay’s huge marketplace is full of affluent consumers who will most assuredly find your listings. You just need to learn how to sell jewelry on eBay.


Sell Your Jewelry By Introducing Yourself First 

If you plan to sell jewelry on eBay long-term, introduce yourself on an About Me page and in MyWorld. Tell people about yourself and what you’re selling. If you plan to donate your eBay proceeds to charity through the eBay Giving Works program, you’ll definitely want to mention that.


Know What Jewelry Sells on eBay

eBay jewelry shoppers search for men’s, antique and vintage, handcrafted, artisan, ethnic, precious metal, pearl, and gemstone jewelry. They crave rings, necklaces with pendants, earrings, bracelets, and body jewelry. Costume jewelry of historical or collectible value also sells well on eBay.

Click on “Advanced” and then on “Sold” to view items similar to yours that sold. Also, check out eBay Pulse to discover what’s currently hot.


Research What Your Jewelry is Worth

 Jewelry Appraisal

Look on the sold listings to see how much money people usually paid for items similar to yours. Expect to receive about the same final price as the average. If you’re selling an extremely high-priced item, get a jewelry appraisal and maybe insurance proof to show in your listing.


Make it Pretty

Before you photograph the jewelry, polish it with a polishing cloth. Don’t dip older jewelry that has tarnish in the crevasses because, to many people, that tarnish is what’s beautiful about vintage or antique sterling silver pieces. Follow up with an old toothbrush and toothpaste to clean it with.


Take Photos that Sell

You’ll need a 5-megapixel digital camera or better. You may like a Minolta Dimage 7i for this job.

Use a photo light tent or a lightbox. According to Richard Scott of Jewelry Secrets, the MK Photobox Digital Imaging System is the perfect lightbox.

Use a simple white backdrop. Take shots at all angles, including any identifying trademarks, hallmarks, and karat stamps. Use photo editing software for touch ups.


Pack, Weigh and Measure

Jewelry Packing & Scaling

Carefully pack the jewelry you sell. Don’t use packaging that’s so small the item will get lost in the mail or a small box that screams, “jewelry” to would-be thieves. Use a small padded envelope if possible. Accurately weigh and measure the package so you’ll enter the accurate listing information.


Get Started Listing

Log into your eBay account. Click on “Sell,” “Sell an item” and then “List and item.” Under “Select a category,” click on “Browse categories.”

Select “Jewelry & Watches” from the left-hand column choices, and select the specific kind of jewelry you’re selling from the choices displayed in the right-hand column. Click on “Continue” once the category is narrowed down as far as possible.


Create a Title and Convey the Condition and Item Specifics

Fill up the allotted title space with keywords such as eBay provides in their jewelry selling guide. Convey the condition accurately where asked, and fill in as many of the item specifics as possible. By doing these things, eBay shoppers querying for jewelry like yours will be able to find your listing.


Upload Photos and Write an Informative Description

Jewelry Photos from eBay

Your photos should already be perfected and saved in JPEG. JPEG provides shoppers with the fastest loading time.

Click on “Add pictures,” and then on “Browse.” Select between five and seven photos from your hard drive, with the most eye-catching photo first. Then click on “Upload.” View this YouTube video by Trevor Shipp for any photo uploading issues.

Write an enticing, detailed description. Include information about any defects, but don’t dwell on them. Include any other important information.


Hold an Auction or Hold out for a Fixed Price

If you want your item to sell fast, put it up for auction. List it for seven days, with the ending time on a Sunday evening. Don’t put a reserve price or an unusually low starting price on it.

Alternatively, you can list items for a fixed price. Expect to wait up to a year or longer to sell it, though.


Give Payment and Shipping Information

Enter the payment information and the shipping cost. Then click on “Continue.” You’ll see your eBay post as others will see it.

Verify that your listing is complete. Click on “List your item” if it looks ready to publish. Click on “Edit listing” if you catch an oversight.


Wait, Watch and Respond

eBay Jewelry Scam

You’ll likely attract scammers during your first auction who target newbies. They may ask if you would accept a check instead of going through the protective eBay system. They may make a low bid and insist that you stop your auction so they’ll “win” by being the only bidder.

Resist offers from those people. But do make sure you answer consumer questions so that you will build up a good reputation.


Do the Backend Duties

Send an invoice if you don’t receive immediate payment after your item has sold. According to, you should wait for the payment to clear before you ship the item.

Give positive feedback if you possibly can. Expect only about one in ten customers to bother to give you feedback, though.



If you always wondered how to sell jewelry on the eBay platform, you’ll be able to use this guide for every aspect of selling jewelry on eBay. Take that first step by researching one or more jewelry pieces you no longer wear.

Be sure you’re signed up with Paypal first, though. Once you complete the entire selling process, you’ll be amazed at how easy using the eBay platform is.


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