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How to Turn Your Old Gold Into Cash?

by | Aug 4, 2022


Selling your gold is a great way to get rid of old jewelry and clear space in the home. Since the value of this metal is rising, now is the best time to sell gold for cash, but where do you begin?

It can be tricky to find a reliable gold buyer. Many sellers fear that pawn shops and corporate jewelers will short them on their items.

Fortunately, Mimi’s Jewelry, Inc. helps you with a comprehensive guide to selling your gold. Read on to learn everything you need to get the most out of your items.


Is It the Right Time to Sell Gold?

By most investors’ estimates, now is the time to sell gold. The value of gold usually rises during uncertain economic conditions. Conflicts, pandemics, and recessions all impact the price of gold.

Additionally, many nations connect gold to their currencies. Jewelry manufacturing makes up half the global demand for this commodity. With this in mind, you can see why now would be an excellent time to turn your gold into cash.


Learn the Current Spot Price of Gold

The spot price of gold is the value of your item if you sell it right now. This price fluctuates daily due to changing market conditions. 

Fortunately, spot gold prices are higher now than in recent history. That means local buyers and prominent name jewelers will offer you more money for less gold. You can generally keep up with these values by monitoring spot gold charts online.

Most places will not offer you the exact spot price of gold. It can be challenging to keep up with daily changes and market demands. That said, never accept an offer well under the spot price range.


Checking the Purity of Your Gold

Gold Fineness Check

So, you know that the value of gold is going up, but what does that mean for your collection? To find the price of what you own, partner with a reliable buyer or appraiser.

A trustworthy gold buyer will test the purity of your metal. An acid test is one of the most reliable ways to verify the quality of gold. You should be skeptical about accepting the deal if they offer a price without first testing the purity.


Choosing a Licensed Buyer

Legitimacy plays a crucial role in getting the right price when you want to sell gold for cash. 

The state will license a legitimate gold buyer after they complete the required steps. These professionals may ask for documents, like your ID, upon sale. Protocols help prevent money laundering or other suspicious activity when handling gold and jewelry.

Most legitimate businesses list themselves as such online. Do a little research to find each buyer’s credentials. You can typically recognize a legitimate business when you observe:

  • Fair offers
  • Transparent communication
  • Helpful recommendations
  • In-house or contract appraisers


Seeking a Second Opinion

Don’t trust just anyone to dictate the value of your gold. It is always good to seek a second opinion to get the most cash for your items. Spend time finding different offers at pawn shops, local jewelers, and large-scale brands.

By testing the results of each location, you can get a general idea about which solution is best for you. Prices may differ significantly with each site. In this case, always go with the most transparent service.


Avoid Selling Under Duress

When some people manage difficult financial circumstances, gold and jewelry are usually the first items to go. Unfortunately, this means many individuals lose out on getting the most money.

Avoid selling your gold under duress. Some buyers will take advantage of those emotions and short you on offers that may be worth more. Be confident when selling gold and educate yourself on current market trends. 

Having the correct information will ensure you have the upper hand during your deal.


Selling Scrap Gold

Old & Broken Golden Jewelry

Gold scrap is gold that is no longer valuable in its marketed form. These are items such as:

  • Broken jewelry
  • Broken antiques
  • Industrial by-products
  • Furniture parts

Luckily, you can still sell these items for a melt-down price. A melt-down price is the value of the actual precious metal contents in the object. However, this value may differ from buyer to buyer. 

For example, some buyers prefer to offer deals based on the historical or cultural significance of the item. Still, the melt-down solutions offer many collectors an opportunity to sell gold for cash.


Selling at Pawn Shops

Pawn shops can be lucrative or risky locations to sell gold. Many of these buyers still use proven methods to test gold before they make an offer. Pawn shops provide quick cash for items like antiques and jewelry so that you can enjoy minimal delays.

Still, keep an eye out for shady offers that may undercut the value of your items. Research different options if your gold is worth more than the buyer is willing to pay.


Selling Gold Online

Sell Your Gold Online For The Most Cash

Once you know the value of your items, consider selling gold online. This method may be one of the best ways to get the highest price from your gold and jewelry. Some brick-and-mortar stores factor the costs of running their business into their offers.

Selling online avoids this problem. However, it still yields the same risks as trading other goods online. Lastly, if you need cash urgently, two-day wait periods for cash transfers may not be an effective solution.


Selling Gold at a Reputable Jeweler

The best way to ensure you get the highest offer for your gold is by selling to an ethical jeweler. Companies like Mimi’s Jewelry, Inc. identify the quality of your items with precision. Whether you are selling pure gold or a collection of bullions, we will work with you to find a fair deal.

We use modern and tested methods for our appraisals so you can be confident about what you own. Our services also include jewelry repair to restore the value of your items.

Send in your items or ask about how to sell gold for cash by contacting Mimi’s Jewelry, Inc. in Fountain Valley, CA. Call a representative at (714) 964-7851 for more information.





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