How To Sell Your High-end Watches?

by | Nov 17, 2020


There will come a time when you will decide to sell your watch. But do you know how to sell your luxury watches? We will discuss each step you need to do in order to accomplish this task in a fast and efficient manner. Here are the steps you should follow for an efficient transaction:


Gather Everything That Came With The Watch

This means all the accessories, papers, and the original box. If you bought certain stuff to make it look good, you must include all of that since you won’t be using that anymore. You will get great value for the watch if the entire package is included. It is true that the watch may be old and you will need to spend a few hours trying to look for the papers and the original box. Trust us when we say that all your effort will be worth it.

The service records would show the number of times you had the watch serviced which is one thing buyers would ask about. If you still have the warranty card and the item is still under warranty, that would boost the value too. It won’t take a genius to tell you that you won’t get much value if you are only selling your watch without all the things that came with it. If you threw all those things away, there is no doubt you would regret it.


Find Out The Important Details Of The Particular Watch

Watch Model Details

The details you will need to find out about the watch include the serial number and model. Watch manufacturers would have different watch models and your watch could be unique when you find out what model it really is. If you still have the original papers, you can check out the model there. If you don’t, better call the manufacturer and find out if they can tell you the exact model as that should be one of the details you will place on the ad. You can still sell your watch without the papers but that will mean a much lesser value.

The serial number is certainly placed on the watch and you will need to find out where. This is not something you can publish online though as someone may make a duplicate of your watch and claim that yours is fake. Thus, better keep that information to yourself when you finally find out where it is.


Find Out The Watch’s Worth

Check out online ads about watches that are similar to yours so you will have an idea of how much it is worth. Of course, a lot of factors will come into play like how often it was used and how old it is. You may even think about servicing the watch before putting it up for grabs which is not a bad idea. However, there are also buyers who would want them to be the ones to service the watch especially if it is still under warranty.


Take Clear Pictures

It is pretty important to take a lot of clear pictures of the watch as this will impact the buyer’s decision of whether or not the person will buy it. It is like their way of getting to know what the watch is all about. Be sure the watch is exposed to all the natural light that it needs. Better use a phone with a good camera or a DSLR to capture good shots of the item. You should not stop taking photos of the watch until you are completely satisfied with it.

Be sure to take pictures of all angles of the watch. The watch is like your model so you would need it to pose in different ways. Other than that, you will also need pictures of the accessories that came with it. No doubt, that would increase the value of the watch. Be sure to isolate the watch in a place so that the natural light is wonderful. Some would go as far as to take the watch outside in order to get good pictures when the weather is great.


Sell Online

There are a lot of online marketplaces where you sell the watch like Facebook marketplace and eBay. You just need to make an account on those websites if you don’t have one. It won’t be long before you are good to go and you can sell as many items as you want. A lot of people actually go to the Facebook marketplace since it is already one of the most popular social media websites around.

When you choose to do it offline, remember that you are not just selling any item here since it is a luxury watch so better to go to a dealer or an auction. Yes, you must prioritize getting nice value for it so you will feel content at the end. It is common for buyers to meet in person then ask for a lower price once they see the watch in person. They will begin to make a bunch of reasons as to why the watch should be bought at that price.

Once you know how to sell watches, it is going to be a piece of cake once you have done it several times. Of course, if you have a lot of luxury watches it won’t be long before you will get tired of one of them. By that time, you’ll need to sell your luxury watch either offline or online as doing it both ways would also be a good option. One good option would be to sell it to a trusted online store like Mimi’s Jewelry. Their store has been around for quite a number of years so you can trust them.

There are a lot of websites that are solely dedicated to selling previously owned watches. These are the websites that you must sign up for as you will surely have a buyer inquiring in no time. You will find out that those websites were built a long time ago by watch enthusiasts. They would want nothing more than for all the transactions to go along smoothly.






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