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Should you Sell your Jewelry Now?

by | Nov 19, 2021

Buying jewelry is a big decision. Likewise, selling it is also just as impactful.

Plenty of people are looking to buy jewelry nowadays. While some prefer something brand new from the jewelry stores, others don’t mind something preloved.

Maybe you have an old piece of jewelry that you no longer want to own. There is a large market of people who are interested in buying your fine jewelry. The question now is whether or not you are ready to sell.


Why Do People Sell Their Jewelry?

Many people in the past had sold their jewelry to friends, families, stores, and pawnshops. You might even know somebody who has done the same. Selling valuable items is not an uncommon practice. However, unlike selling used toys or clothes, fine jewelry requires more planning and bargaining.

Some reasons why people sell their jewelry include:

  • Financial reasons: Selling jewelry is an easy way to get a high profit.
  • Personal reasons: They want to eliminate a memory (such as a death or a divorce.)
  • Space reasons: They want to clear up space in their closets and get rid of old or broken items.


How Valuable is Fine Jewelry Today?

In 2020, many store owners had seen a rise in demand for jewelry. Engagement rings are the most sought-after product.

There are plenty of reasons why sales ballooned. Some potential causes include the implementation of travel bans and increased interest in marriages. People saw the value in buying fine jewelry, and that trend is continuing to this day.

If you want to sell your jewelry, now is the perfect time to do so. There is a high demand for these products. And when there is a high demand, you have the opportunity to find a willing buyer.


How Much Can You Earn?

Your earnings highly depend on plenty of factors. Your jewelry’s quality matters just as much as where you are selling it. You also have to consider if your client wants to haggle with you.

Most jewelry stores are willing to buy your jewelry. Although, the pay might not be as high as when you first purchased your item. An offer that is 20% or more of your original buying price is a best-case scenario. However, many stores might offer less. Pawnshops are also similar.

You can sell at a higher price if you offer it to someone in person or in real life. However, there are risks, such as fraudulent buyers. Always be careful when selling your jewelry on your own.


Where Can You Sell Your Jewelry?

As mentioned above, you can sell your products in jewelry stores, pawnshops, online, or in person. All of these options have their advantages and drawbacks. But wherever you choose to sell your jewelry, you are still getting some cash in return.

If you live in California, then Mimi’s Jewelry Store is your safest bet. They offer to buy your jewelry with a fair return. You can sell your jewelry in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, and more.


Sell Your Fine Jewelry Today

If you need extra money or extra space, now is the time to sell your unneeded accessories. There is a high demand for jewelry, and many people want to get a good deal. Don’t wait for another day. Sell your jewelry today and get that cash you need.





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