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Things to Keep in Mind before Selling Your Precious Jewelry

by | May 17, 2021


When you are in a dilemma about selling your precious jewelry and getting back worthy cash or exchanging it in return for parting memories. But, when you are ready to do so, there are some things to keep in mind when you sell jewelry costa mesa. You could have a dire need of cash or want to purchase new fashion jewelry. Keeping these things in mind will help you get better outcomes.


What are the things to keep in mind?


Don’t be impulsive

Don’t sell jewelry without evaluating each jewelry piece. The majority of jewelry pieces also have some emotional price attached to them. When you sell, the jewelry cost should outweigh the emotional cost. When selling, consider jewelry pieces that are broken or missing in a pair or with no emotional meaning or outdated items.


Collect Invoice

When you purchase jewelry, take a proper invoice from them. This has to be done for fair trade in the future. When checking for the purity, the jeweler might ask you for the invoice. Selling it to the same jeweler where you purchased will give you an edge over your sale.


Understanding the jewelry you have

Precious Jewelry

Precious jewelry could be gold, diamonds, silver, or platinum. This is essential as you get the price paid for the gold and not the mixed alloys. Know the gold worth primarily to get the right amount when you sell. When you head to the market, ensure what you have is precious, which metal you want to sell, its purity, authenticity, and quality.

Get a qualified appraiser from a person who knows about the precious jewelry you have without buying or selling it. Listen to negative and positive aspects of the piece of jewelry and its impact on its value. Get 2 or 3 people’s opinions in this regard before heading for the purchase.


Know the gold purity

Knowing the purity of the gold or other metals is essential. The purity determines the gold value you will get when selling. A karat meter is employed to check the purity and its value estimation.


Find a reliable buyer

Trusted Jewelry Appraisal Online

Check a few buyers to get hands-on with a reputable one before making the sale. Check out the BBB and customer reviews in various forums. Look for the reviews and complaints on selling and buying jewelry with the business or company. It is best not to settle with the first one in the pick. Prevent any kind of luring from the buyer.


Shield yourself

When you are purchasing your jewelry, always check the reimbursement policy when there is a loss or repair. Get an appraisal first when the value is very significant. Visit the place, check for their reputation, and other associations to prove their authenticity. The karat meter precision is vital.

When selling, ensure the scale is accurate. This is where several people get duped. The other things are some documentation or credentials to display its legitimacy to avoid any cheating.


Offer terms

Always ensure the terms or agreements are clear and favorable to you. Check the terms and conditions thoroughly. At times, the buyers can add extra charges or slash the price they were ready to pay for the jewelry. Ensure the price quotes are clear and the terms are not creating a problem for you.


Set a price

Always set a price that is very realistic in the current market. Having realistic expectations will not throw you in agony or disappointment or make you feel the price is not right. By getting an appraisal about the worth of the precious jewelry in particular circumstances and markets, you will get a tag on the real price. Discuss the strategies to pricing, which is around 80 percent of the resale customer’s appraisal.

A good appraisal will give your realistic price keeping current trends of markets, mixed alloys, purity, and other aspects of the jewelry. This way, you ensure a potential jewelry resale value to avoid other disappointments and get what the jewelry is worth.



Some self-work is equally essential by doing research and comparing the prices on eBay sales or other places. Comparable new jewelry and its prices online and in retail stores will give you a better understanding of the selling aspect and its price. Go ahead with the selling only when it is a good bargain and when you are making a certain profit on the jewelry.


Investigate the various selling options


Jewelry industry

Best Place to Sell Jewelry Online

When you sell jewelry, there are two options to sell it. One is selling it to the public or the jewelry industry. Selecting a buyer is not always to get top price. It also functions on how fast you settle the selling deal, your gut feeling about the marketing and negotiation, and the trust you have in the buyer. Selling it to the jewelry industry is safe and quick.

You should choose whom you trust. Check their ratings on BBB-Better Business Bureau. There’s a downside, though, that you will not get a high price on it, but there is profit involved in its retail value and time-saving.


Finding a potential buyer online

If not for the jewelry industry directly, you can look online to get a better selling experience with the sell and buy transaction. Once the deal is made, the money and ring are transferred to the site. A certified and independent gemologist inspects the jewelry. The money is withheld and then released once the certification process is done. This is particularly true for diamonds. You will have to pay some commission, say about 15 percent, on the sale done.



Sell jewelry costa mesa to only a reliable, trustworthy, and strong dealer or a jewelry industry insider or online on eBay or craigslist. Take your references and reviews in confidence before doing it. Keep the above points before making the sale to make a profitable outcome.





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