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Tips To Get The Most Price For Your Unwanted Jewelry

by | Jul 16, 2021


You may be emotionally attracted to that piece of jewelry, but you urgently require the funds to make a major purchase. Perhaps it’s an antique piece of jewelry that used to enchant you but no longer does.

Whatever the reason for your desire to sell your jewelry, you want to get the greatest potential price for it. I know I would, and I have done so on several occasions. Unfortunately, many people do not sell their jewelry and it lies in their jewelry box at home or their safe deposit box, collecting dust. Jewelry buyers in Orange County will help you to get the most price through fair means.


The following are the top four reasons why people don’t sell their unwanted jewelry:

  1. They are concerned about being duped.
  2. They are unable to obtain the desired pricing.
  3. They haven’t figured out how to sell it.
  4. They are pressed for time.


Here are a few pointers to help you receive the maximum money for your unwanted jewelry.


Figure out how much your old jewelry is worth

When seeking to sell your unwanted jewelry, you must have a basic understanding of the piece and the pricing of precious metals.


If you want to sell your jewelry for its full value, follow these steps:


What’s the state of your broken jewelry?

You may lose some value if there are prongs, diamond chips, or gemstone scratches. Pendants and earrings are never worn as much as rings and bracelets. So, if your jewelry is in perfect condition and you’re selling it for its full value, you can demand a greater price.

The easiest to sell intact is current and vintage jewelry. Unwanted jewelry is typically neither current nor vintage and is instead sold for the intrinsic value of silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones.


Scrapping it (the easiest approach to get rid of your jewelry)

Here are a few things to consider if it is determined that selling it as scrap is the best alternative (which is the most usual scenario). This is by far the simplest and most efficient method of selling unwanted jewelry. Simply bring your unwanted jewelry to a precious metals or jewelry buying company, or send it in, and they’ll most likely make you an offer right away.


Have faith in the person with whom you’re discussing the sale of your unwanted jewelry

Always discuss the sale of undesired jewelry with someone who specializes in the sale and purchase of gold, diamonds, timepieces, and estate jewelry. It’s usually better to avoid middlemen so that you may make the most money possible. If you go straight to a jeweler, you’re more likely to acquire correct information and avoid dealing with a middleman. Regularly, actual jewelers work with estate jewelry owners.


Read Reviews

A simple online search for the company’s reputation might help a lot. However, a negative review does not always imply that the company is a sham or that the specialists there are inept.


Where can you sell your old jewelry? Pay a visit to a local or online retailer


1. Jeweler in your neighborhood:

Because you’re a potential consumer, local jewelers are more inclined to give you the greatest deal. They are also knowledgeable about jewelry, not only the price of the precious metal. Another benefit of selling locally is that you will receive your funds much sooner.

You’ll likely be able to receive the funds the same day they make the offer. The majority of local jewelers will evaluate and assess your jewelry on the spot and make you an offer. If a Local Jeweler won’t buy your old jewelry, they may offer you shop credit instead.


2. Sell it online:

The term “sell it online” can refer to a variety of things. On auction sites, you can try your luck. Note that such sites normally side with the buyer, so you may be out of luck if something goes wrong. Smaller local retailers are more familiar with customer service than larger online retailers. In terms of communication, it can be a bit of a pain.

These large retailers frequently take advantage of inexperienced sellers. They might not entirely defraud you, but they could easily rip you off, which is almost as terrible. If you’re selling online, I’d suggest going to a boutique-style trustworthy jeweler who buys unwanted jewelry.


3. Jewelers who sell on consignment:

They will attempt to sell your jewelry on your behalf. The best part about a consignment jeweler is that they will try to sell it for the most money possible. The worst part is that they will charge a 25-40% commission and there will be a lot of competitors, so it may take a long time to sell.


4. Pawnshops:

If you need money right away, a pawnshop can be your best option. Dealing with a pawnshop, on the other hand, is frequently a crapshoot when it comes to getting anything close to a good offer.


Be willing to haggle to acquire the greatest price for your unwanted jewelry

When jewelers or pawnbrokers present you with a price, they always leave an opportunity for haggling. That suggests the first price you were given was on the low end of what they were willing to pay. This is just smart business, and it’s what they’re supposed to do. Being honest is the finest thing you can do! Tell the jeweler that you’ve done your research and are set on a price. If you’re selling anything online, email negotiating may be more convenient.


Keep your expectations in check

Setting unreasonable price expectations for your unwanted jewelry will leave you disappointed with the negotiation and sale results. There are two methods for determining a reasonable price. The first step is to get it appraised by someone you can trust and who is informed about it. Ask them how much it’s worth in today’s market, as well as any special circumstances that might apply to your piece of jewelry.



The world is full of good-hearted people, and if you maintain your cheerful attitude, things should go smoothly. You should be able to obtain a satisfactory result if you pay attention, consider things through, and follow your intuition. Hopefully, you will be able to learn something new and gain abilities that will help you in future purchasing and selling circumstances.

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