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How To Pack And Ship Your Precious Jewelry

by | Jul 20, 2020

Maybe you have never even had the experience of shipping jewelry to people, but it differs in some respects to shipping other products because you have to handle it with care. You don’t want to damage the product. In addition, you might feel concerned that it could get lost or stolen. You have a few active measures that you can use to ensure that your jewelry arrives at its destination safe and sound.


Tip #1: Disguise the Package

Especially with shipping jewelry, you should never make it obvious that you have chosen to ship jewelry to someone because it paints a target on it to thieves. Click here on this quick and short video on how to package your jewelry safely and correctly. Don’t reveal the contents on the outer label. Never put on the package anywhere else that you plan to ship jewelry because this becomes another mouth-watering sign to thieves, and it could stop your package from getting to its destination.


Tip #2: Packed Tightly and Correctly

Jewelry Packaging

Before you ever ship something, you should first check to see that you have packed it tightly, and you have to see that you have packed it correctly. This ensures that you don’t damage your jewelry in the process of shipping it. Use multiple layers of protection because this ensures that it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. Some types of jewelry are especially sensitive to this. If you’ve ever noticed that people keep their jewelry in special containers, they do this to prevent damage. To begin with, you might wrap the jewelry in bubble wrap. Next, you will place it inside a small envelope or a padded envelope. When you finish, you will have the jewelry placed inside a slightly larger box. This is jewelry shipping at its finest. It keeps your package safe.


Tip #3: Quality Packaging Materials

Not only do you have to pack it correctly, but you also have to make sure that you use quality packaging materials because this can prevent damage to your jewelry. To give you an example, when you go to buy a package, you may want to choose one that uses bubble-wrap lined packaging because this leads to the most safety. It adds an extra layer of security with your packaging. In addition, beware of using flimsy glue or flimsy tape when it comes to sealing it. That can lead to the contents falling out, and that is one of the last things that you want when it comes to jewelry. Instead, make sure that you have high-quality packaging tape as a way of sealing it. This leads to the best results. How to package jewelry involves the correct packaging of it, but you can’t underestimate the value of quality packaging materials either.


Tip #4: Use a Trusted Courier

Jewelry Courier

Especially when you plan to ship jewelry, you need to use a trusted courier. You don’t want to risk it. They should be experienced and trusted. The right courier will also ensure that it arrives on time, and it arrives safely without damages. With shipping jewelry, you may also want to consider one-day shipping, and you will want to track it as well to make sure that you know where the package is at. If it vanishes, you can trace it a little better than if it vanishes outright. In addition, you can inquire about the location as soon as you suspect that something has gone awry with it.


Tip #5: Insure Your Jewelry

This type of merchandise does come with its share of risks when you choose to ship it. For that reason, you can’t underestimate the value of having it insured. If anything goes wrong, you have lost your money, and the insurance company will cover you. For anything where the jewelry gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you will have coverage for it. Even a damaged gold necklace could put you back a couple of hundred dollars if you don’t have some type of insurance on it. Imagine if you shipped several jewelry packages, and they came back lost. How would you respond to that without insurance? That is why you can’t underestimate the value of having a good insurance plan. You can feel confident knowing that you have a safety net. Make sure to have your jewelry appraised by an honest jewelry appraiser to know the right value for your pieces of jewelry when getting insurance.


Tip #6: Ask for a Delivery Signature

 Delivery Signature

One of the ways that you can know for sure that your package arrived at its destination is by asking for a delivery signature. This ensures that the package arrived safely to its intended target. Asking for a signature ensures that it has gone to the right recipient. Even if the person isn’t home, the package will stay at the post office safely until the individual can sign for it. This lowers the risk that it will either get lost in the mail, delivered to the wrong person, or stolen.


Tip #7: Don’t Use a Drop Box

Knowing how to pack jewelry for shipping matters, but you should also understand some of the risks to it. For example, you should never use a drop box with jewelry because the dropping of the package can cause damage to the jewelry. You want to personally see your package off, and this is one of the ways that you can do it. When you get a receipt, make sure that it comes with a tracking number so that you can also track where the package goes. These are some of the things that you should keep in mind when it comes to shipping jewelry. The first time that you do it can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of how to ship it, it isn’t too tricky. Leave the package unmarked. While it might be tempting to put “fragile” or “valuable” on the box, you should never do this because of how it will only draw the attention of thieves. You want to ship it in as discreet of a way as possible to ensure that you don’t experience any problems during the process of shipping.





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