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Semi-Mounted Engagement Rings? Yes, please.

by | Jul 13, 2020

Shared evenings spent in quarantine only encourage you to continue living together happily ever after, when the pandemic ends? Did you find that perfect soulmate you have been looking for? If so, it is time to start thinking about choosing an engagement ring.

By the way, have you ever heard about semi-mounted engagement rings? Let me tell you more about them.


Where is My Gemstone?

If shortly, semi mount engagement rings are rings that are half-finished. They miss a stone with an idea of getting it later. Despite that, they have all types of different details and elements. To dive in the origins, the mounting means the procedure of putting the stone itself on the ring band, while semi implies half. This way, the ring you create is unique.


My Desires are… Unconventional.

Rose Gold Jewelry

So, show me. Luckily, semi mount rings do not have any frames or categories which would keep you restricted on the way of the creation of the dream one. Perfect size, metal, color, and stones can be chosen in the shop. Many can answer your requirements or create it from the start if your budget allows you.

For a start, what is an engagement ring setting? The goal of the setting is to be a fixing frame for the precious stone in the ring’s metal rim and emphasize the diamond’s beauty. Style refers to the overall aesthetic that the ring’s setting helps create, whether it is a ring with a solitaire, a diamond surrounded by a halo, or three stones.

Platinum is valued higher than white gold but loses to it in color. Platinum has a dirty gray tint. A white diamond on white metal (whether white gold or platinum) looks great and is considered the best combination for an engagement ring. However, now everything is changing, and brides want new ideas and unique solutions.

An engagement ring made in yellow or rose gold can look unexpectedly delightful. Rose gold is getting popularity due to its uncommon looks, which fits any skin tone. Australian Diamond Brokers recalls D. O’Steen words, the director of jewelry promotion for the World Gold Council, that rose gold jewelry is rarer, which makes it more exclusive.


Won’t the Stone Fall Out?

The next important step is the jewel setter style. The stone setting is very diverse. The setter type of stones in jewelry depends on the reliability and beauty of the gem and the jewelry itself. It gives the jewel a charm, with the help of a specific type of achieving an elegant decorative solution.

According to the Caleesi Designs blog in 2019, the safest type appears to be bezel. With this method, a metal frame with a thin rim encircles the gem from all sides, making it completely motionless. This is almost the most reliable type of attachment, but it covers quite a large part of the gemstone.

The gem setter as basket and peghead belong to the open mounting sight, as the gem is mounted using prongs. The metal is cut, and the little limbs hold it. The gem is recessed, almost even with the surface. The beauty is emphasized by individual holes that are formed when the pins are cut. Referring to Diamond Nexus, those styles are the most popular.

If you still have doubts about the safety of the mounting or simply curious about the process, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has a wonderful video about how the jewel is installed. You can follow it by this link:


My Precious.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond embodies the characteristics of a long and stable relationship. Among all the stones, this is the only precious mineral. The rest are considered semi-precious or not valuable. The diamond is the most durable mineral of all existing and manifests stability. Did you know, the most tempting quality of a diamond is that no two are ever the same?

It would be best if you kept in mind the following: the classic shape is a circle. It is versatile and will fit in any case. However, other forms also look great such as drop, pear, square, etc. Forever Mark has detailed instructions on matching the perfect shape with the length of your loved one finger.

Diamond expert Michael Fried, from The Diamond Pro, says, “In the end, it’s most helpful to consider the unique person, style and occasion for which you are purchasing the diamond.” The main thing is to visually imagine the combination of the ring on your other half’s hand. If you see harmony, it means that the shape is chosen correctly.


Sounds too good… What are the Cons?

If you decide that semi-mount rings are something you are looking for, you should carefully choose the bond and the gem. The thoughtless selection of sets leads to the stone, and the rim will not fit together. Also, pay attention to the design, and make sure that the gorgeous and luxurious ring bond does not overshadow the gem itself.



A big plus of the semi-mounted engagement rings is that you can make your idea come true without making it from scratch. Dazzling Rock‘s blog suggests that “Getting involved in designing your own engagement ring shows the commitment and love for the woman of your life.” Your girlfriend will appreciate such a gesture.

Your feelings are exceptional, and so the ring should be one of a kind. When you feel creative and want to try yourself as a designer, you put in that ring your emotions. This type of customization is a way to double how much you appreciate your other half. Why not make a ring which would show your couple’s magnificent style?





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