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What are the different types of custom jewelry?

by | Apr 27, 2022

What are the different types of custom jewelry?

Purchasing custom jewelry is a unique and rewarding experience. Watching your vision come to life or seeing heirloom materials transformed into interesting manifestations of your most brilliant imaginings is simply exhilarating. Whether shopping for show-stopping, statement pieces, or refined, classic finery, with a vision and the right jeweler, you’ll be accessorized in your new baubles in no time.

From bridal sets to tennis bracelets and everything in between, the sky’s the limit when designing custom jewelry. If you’re unsure of just the type of custom jewelry you’re looking for, a local jeweler can professionally guide you in the right direction. Simply, however, Orange County custom jewelry pieces typically fit into four overarching categories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.


Stunning Necklaces

The earliest records of necklaces worn as bodily adornments date back to the ancient Egyptians. In ancient times, necklaces were strung of simple materials such as shells and beads. Since our ancient ancestors, however, the evolution of necklaces has been astounding. From modest materials requiring simple skills to magnificent metals and precious stones necessitating the expertise of trained jewelers, necklaces have come a long way.

When you think fondly upon the first necklaces ever gifted to you, what made those gifts so special? Perhaps it was the sentiment with which the gift was given, the thoughtfulness of the selected piece, or simply the beauty of the necklace itself. Whatever it was that made the necklace so special to you, the piece has been indelibly etched in your memories. When designing custom jewelry, whether for yourself or as a gift, you have the opportunity to create amazing new memories.

Now, as you consider designing a custom necklace, reflect on the many facets that the necklaces you remember fondly embodied. Consider the metals that most speak to your style, the stone(s) that will live at its center, or the memory or occasion you’d like it to represent. There are so many wonderful ways to make a custom necklace the most special piece in your collection when designing Orange County custom jewelry.


Brilliant Bracelets

One of the best ways to accessorize any outfit is with the perfect bracelet or set of bracelets. From bangles to tennis bracelets and charm bracelets to cuff bracelets, there are a variety of styles to consider when designing a custom piece. One of the best things about bracelets is that they can be worn in multiples: the more the merrier when it comes to bracelets.

As such, if you’re having difficulty narrowing down a style, rest assured that after you’ve discovered the joy and pride of custom bracelets, you can simply return to the process over and over again.

Whether you’re designing a custom bracelet for yourself or as a special gift, there are so many unique ways to approach bracelets. From delicate styles to chunky statement bracelets and bedazzled to simple, there are many considerations to make when crafting a bracelet. With the help of an experienced, professional jeweler you can hone your collection of ideas into one magnificent bracelet.


Show-Stopping Earrings

With ear-piercing dating back to the fourth millennium, it’s no wonder earrings are as culturally prevalent as they are. Throughout many civilizations and eras, the custom of ear-piercing is a rite of passage. While in some cultures newborn babies are promptly pierced, in others the ritual is symbolic of coming of age. Beyond these cultural norms, quite simply, wearing earrings is a vehicle of self-expression. Furthermore, and even more purely, people wear earrings to accessorize. Perhaps more loftily, earrings can be viewed as a status symbol. Finally, in some religions, ear piercings even have spiritual significance.

No matter when you began wearing earrings or for what reason, there’s no piece of jewelry more complementary than the parallelism of earrings. When conferring with a custom jeweler, be sure to discuss your style and preferences in design. Whether you’re interested in designing timeless, daily earrings or knockouts you only bring out for special occasions, your design should be reflective of your taste. What you’ve seen in a magazine may be beautiful, but if it’s not YOU, then work with a jeweler to make those earrings more reflective of who you are.


Timeless Rings

Undoubtedly, rings are the most customized pieces of jewelry. And even less surprisingly, bridal sets are the most popular jewelry to be customized. Although getting engaged and married necessitate the most thoughtful and gorgeous of custom jewelry designs, don’t let the fun of custom jewelry end on your wedding day.

From birthstone rings to statement rings and religious rings to stack rings, there are endless styles of rings you might consider customizing. Like with the types of custom jewelry, there are many considerations to take into account during the design process. Some of these considerations include metals, stones, and aesthetics. Concerning a ring’s aesthetic, it’s also important to think about when you’ll wear it, upon which finger, and during which occasions; each of these considerations will naturally inform your design choices.



Designing custom jewelry is a thrilling experience in and of itself. What’s more, the keepsake or heirloom design can be loved for generations to come. But in the meantime, your new custom jewelry will be a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll proudly don for years to come. Custom jewelry is far more valuable than store-bought, but the personal touch and creativity expressed in these pieces will be worn with great pride.





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