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Places To Sell Rolex Watches That Will Give You The Best Price

by | Nov 19, 2020


A Rolex is one of the matchless watch models you can own. It has stood the test of time, and it is not just like any other watch brand you will come across. Being a privately held and independently-run company, Rolex is fabulous jewelry you wish to have in your closest or safe.

Rolex models are admired, respected, and valued all over the world. Many watch lovers go for Rolexes because they are purpose-built and considered original watches. They also come with distinctive features that are a key attraction.

According to Business Insider, Rolexes are versatile, and a wearer will feel okay and comfortable to accessorize. For instance, The Rolex Submariner, one of the quintessential models ever made, can be seen on every James Bond actor to complete their classic look. Significantly, Rolex watches have an incomparable and intrinsic value that keeps growing with time.

Intrinsically, many watch lovers have many reasons to buy Rolexes. Many will go for the watch brand for its status, to represent an aspect of their personality, and its high quality and value. Like you and I have a reason to buy a Rolex, we also have many reasons to sell Rolex watches.


Planning to Sell Your Rolex? Here’s Everything to Know

Most people sell their Rolex models because they have outgrown them. It’s like a rite of passage in a way in some groups. What suits you when you were young may not suit you when you are old. If you want an upgrade to the latest and unique model in the market, nothing should stop you from selling your outdated timepiece.

Don’t have any reservations about selling a Rolex watch if you want to capitalize on its value. If you have been into the Rolex world of ownership, you might decide cash in hand is more valuable than the timepiece on your wrist. Besides, you may be pursuing an investment opportunity you can’t let go of.

Ariel Adams, a contributor at, clarifies that Rolex watches are reputable consumer products. So, buying or selling your Rolex or any other jewelry you have in your closet is not a bad idea. However, you have to get the entire process right as you don’t want to lose your valuable possession.

You have to plan before you decide to trade your favorite Rolex. Extensive research and detailed consultation on how to sell a Rolex won’t hurt your pursuit. Feel free also to seek recommendations or referrals on where to sell your luxury watch stress-free.


Figure Out Where to Sell a Rolex Hassle-Free

Once you decide it’s time to sell your beloved Rolex, you have many options to go about with the selling process. The model you own, the watch’s condition, and the demand of the brand will determine the amount of money you get in return. The buyers you come across may also have different trading ideologies.

You might come across a buyer willing to offer what you ask for the watch or one who disagrees with your terms. So, be cautious in your undertakings as you find the best place to sell a Rolex watch. Here is how to go about it:

1. Close Network of Family, Colleague, and Friends

Second-hand Rolex

Your friends, colleagues, and family are the best source of crucial information on where to sell a Rolex. They are also the safest and easiest way to sell your favorite model at a reasonable price. But then again, stay focused in your endeavors as your relationship might not get you the top dollar you want or expect.

If they don’t wish to buy your Rolex, they can offer recommendations and point you in the right direction. Don’t give up the pursuit.

2. On the Street

Your business district is a great place to sell your favorite Rolex. Stand on the street and try to sell your watch. It could be fun, but you might face a few obstacles.

Many clients may assume the watch is not genuine, and you are looking for an easy way to sell it. The good thing is that if a buyer is willing to check its authenticity, you can go together and find a watch expert. And let the buyer decide whether to buy it or not.

3. Pawnshop

Pre-owned Luxury Rolex Watch

Pawnshops offer an easy way to get fast money. Unfortunately, this shop might not offer the amount you are looking for. Pawnshops are known to offer the lowest prices on items, and there is a lot of negotiation involved.

Most local pawn shops don’t specialize in luxury watches, and they heavily discount their offers. If you are in a tight spot financially and don’t want to keep holding the watch on your wrist, a pawn shop can loan you some money in exchange for the watch. They will not buy it on the spot, so you need to find the right shop that will satisfy your needs.

4. Local Rolex Shop/Dealer

Top watch brands like Rolex do wish to see or find unauthorized dealers selling their products. However, if there are authorized dealers in your locality, feel free to visit the shop and see what options they have in store for you.

An official boutique that offers Rolex brands will probably not buy your model, and if it buys, it will discount its offer by a huge margin. Even if you do not get the best market for the watch, you will have sold it to a trustworthy dealer.

5. Mimi’s Jewelry

Mimi's Jewelry Rolex Watches

Jewelry shops are also an incredible place to sell a Rolex. Mimi’s Jewelry is one of the best shops to visit. This is a genuine store widely regarded for top-notch jewelry and will offer a satisfying or fair amount for your Rolex.

Mimi’s Jewelry buyers will also give you an honest appraisal for your Rolex model free of charge. They will not shy to show you the specifications of the model you are selling and ascertain whether it’s a genuine piece. You will get a free assessment of the watch and a decent and immediate settlement.

6. Professional Online Luxury Watch Dealers

If you are still wondering where to sell a Rolex, the online market is a fantastic platform. Rolex watches hold their value and even appreciate in time, and there are many online dealers eager to buy your watch. Listing your watch online is a decent idea, but you might find it daunting to choose a genuine online shop.

You may also not have an idea on how to sell a Rolex online. If you find a shop willing to offer a top dollar for your Rolex, fret not. Sell it the easy way, and here is how it works:

  • Fill out a free watch quote request form.
  • Check how much your Rolex model is worth.
  • Decide if you want to sell it at the quoted price or not.
  • Send your watch or provide a pickup point.
  • Get paid via the payment method you choose or provide or settle for cash.


As you sell your luxury jewelry online, always be cautious, and research widely. Choose a store that uses transparent and fair processes to buy from willing sellers. Contact Mimi’s Jewelry today for fair prices on your Rolex watch and other jewelry.





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