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Will Gold Continue to Appreciate its Value?

by | May 13, 2021


Gold has a rich history and high value all through the world. It is embedded in our culture and ornament. There were gold coins used around 650 BC and used as ornaments for both males and females. Currently, there are several jewelry options, designs, and patterns to choose from. You will get the best patterns, designs, and styles with the Orange County jeweler at reasonable prices.

Gold is purchased for different reasons. The economy has seen changes with the purchase and selling of gold owing to its worth. When currency doesn’t help you, gold is what people look for in tough times. Gold is the most sought-after metal for jewelry and investment reasons.

However, you will be amazed to know that even certain medical devices and electronic equipment use gold for their manufacturing process. As of March 2021, the gold value was above 1700 dollars for one ounce. The price of gold fluctuates with time. It has enhanced substantially over 50 years. So, will gold continue to appreciate its value?

This article will see what drives the gold price and what makes the gold value appreciate.


What drives the gold value?

Gold is also dependent on demand and supply. However, gold also has an additional value. Central banks and government vaults compromise on the crucial demand source for gold. The price of gold is also driven by the demand for investment, particularly from large ETFs. Gold moves contrary to the US dollar as gold is dollar-denominated. It makes a hedge contrary to inflation.

Gold supplies are majorly driven by mining, which leveled off in 2016. Though gold by itself does not generate any earnings or dividends, it is a precious commodity. With time and economical aspects, the value of gold appreciates or falls based on how many people want to sell or buy it. You can also call it demand and supply. Some people invest in gold with mutual gold investments too.


What factors drive gold to an appreciated value?

Gold value might fluctuate, but overall, gold usually appreciates due to its added value as a portfolio diversifier and a financial cover in uncertainty. The appreciation is based on its history of appreciation over the last 50 years. Gold has had a unique value for a long time, and people preserve it from one generation to another.


Some aspects that give gold its appreciation value are:


Unique properties of gold

Gold is a metal that can be melted and does not corrode. It is also a simple metal to work and create designs and styles. It has a lovely color and is an aspect of electronics too. Owing to these characteristics, gold value is appreciable.


Fluctuating US dollar

The US dollar impacts the gold value as it is dollar-denominated. It is one of the globe’s most crucial reserve currencies. So, when there is a depreciation of dollars against some other currencies, people often resort to gold as security, enhancing the gold prices. The gold price tripled from 1998-2008 reaching 1k dollars per ounce while doubling from 2008-2012 reaching the 2k dollars mark.


Inflation Hedge

Gold has a fantastic hedge to inflation as the price rises whenever there is a rise in the cost of living. Investors have observed a soar in gold prices and impact the stock market in high inflation times in the past. This is because as the currency depreciates, gold becomes a good value store to fall back on.


Protection from Deflation

Deflation is when the prices lower down and when there is a slowdown of your and other businesses. This is the time when the economy is in excessive debt. A high deflation occurred during the 1930s, and then a minor deflation occurred in the 2008 financial crisis. The relative power of gold purchase soared while other prices dropped rapidly. People hoarded cash in the form of gold coins at that time.


Uncertainty in the Geopolitical area

Gold has its value retention in times of geopolitical uncertainty along with financial uncertainty. Gold is usually referred to as a crisis commodity. This is because individuals flee to safety when there is a rise in tension in the world. Gold performs efficiently as compared to other investments.


Supply Constraints

Gold Bullion Bars

The majority of the gold supply in the market from the 1990s came from gold bullion sales from different global central bank vaults. The sales gradually slowed down in 2008. New gold generation from mines was minimized from 2000. There was a yearly output of gold mining from 2573 metric tons to 2444 metric tons from 2000 to 2007. A new mine takes around 5-10 years to get into serious production. A smaller supply enhances the gold value greatly.


Rising Demand

In earlier years, enhanced wealth in the economies of the emerging market has boosted gold demand greatly. In several countries, gold is associated with its culture. Gold bars are a traditional Chinese form of savings, while gold jewelry is a traditional Indian form of savings. India is the 2nd largest consuming country of gold in the world. The demand has been steadfast. The highest demand for gold is seen in the wedding season or around festivities. With the rising demand, gold has become a commodity, particularly as an investment.


Diversification of Portfolio

Finding investments that are not correlated closely to one another is the key to diversification. Gold has a negative correlation to financial instruments and stocks. Some instances include the 1970s as the year terrible for stocks but great for gold, the 1980s-90s the time great for stocks and worse for gold, 2008 year to see a drop in stocks consumers shifting to investing in gold, etc. The best way to enjoy the gold appreciation value is to blend stocks and gold in a portfolio to get maximum profit and minimize risk and overall volatility.


Preservation of wealth

Gold and Money

Gold is trusted for wealth preservation and investments. If you compare currency and gold values, currency can depreciate with economic fluctuations. In contrast, gold bought by the same currency still retains its original value and gives you additional profit value with time.



Gold maintains its value appreciation due to economic factors, its role in preservation, fluctuations in the US dollar, and other aforementioned aspects. Hence, incorporating gold into your investment portfolio alongside bonds and stocks is vital for diversification. While the value of gold fluctuates, historically, it has proven to sustain its worth over extended periods. Therefore, investing in gold offers substantial value beyond its current price.






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